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1Step DVD Copier 4.5

Can rip your DVD video to DivX, DVD, MPEG4 or other video formats
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1Step DVD Copier is a movie copying tool that enables users to create backups and conversions from DVD videos. The discs are ripped to the computer with the original video format or to different video formats which include DivX, Apple and mobile devices formats.

The program is simple, anyone can use it easily. The menu offers four options and each one explains for itself what it does and has a preview player. 1Step DVD Copier is capable of cloning a disc, meaning that it will copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD whether it’s from DVD9 to DVD5 format or the same type. Plus it also removes the movie previews and warnings.

The DVD movie can be copied to the hard drive with the DVD to Folder function or it can be converted to different video formats using the DVD to Video function which can be set to DivX, MPEG4, plus other mobile and Apple device formats.

Furthermore, users will find a Burning DVD folder option which takes a DVD image backup from the hard drive and writes it to a DVD. In addition, there are several adjustable settings for the audio and video output like subtitles, languages, menus, etc. that allow customizing the copies.

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  • Rips DVDs
  • Copies to the computer
  • Clones directly to DVD
  • Burns DVD files
  • Converts to different video formats


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